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Egypt’s Residency by Investment Program

Navigating Real Estate and Banking Pathways

Author: Lexbeacon
August 31, 2023

In the evolving landscape of global finance, Egypt continues to shine as an epitome of innovation and progress with its active Residency by Investment (RBI) program. This initiative, tailored for foreign investors, has redefined investment opportunities, placing Egypt on the map as an enticing hub for international funds.

LexBeacon is proud to present the RBI program, which features two distinct avenues for investors—Real Estate Investment and Bank Deposits—both aligning with Egypt’s grand economic blueprint and its commitment to promoting a conducive business atmosphere.

Here is an in-depth exploration of these investor routes, enriched with our profound legal acumen and comprehensive understanding of the Egyptian regulatory milieu.

Real Estate Investment:

Within this avenue, investors can choose from three tailored options, each granting varying residency durations:

  • Five-Year Renewable Residency: Secure this with a minimum investment of $200,000 across one or more Egyptian properties.
  • Three-Year Renewable Residency: Ownership of properties in Egypt cumulatively valued at $100,000 or more leads to this residency option.
  • One-Year Renewable Residency: An investment floor of $50,000 in Egyptian properties guarantees this choice of residency.

Bank Deposits:

The RBI program doesn’t stop at real estate; it also welcomes investors through bank deposit mechanisms:

  • Three-Year Residency: Attainable through a bank deposit of $100,000 or its foreign currency equivalent in an Egyptian bank.
  • One-Year Residency: A qualifying deposit of $50,000 or its equivalent grants this residency duration.

Whether the path is through real estate or banking, LexBeacon stands ready with unparalleled expertise to manage every facet, from navigating legal intricacies, piloting the RBI application journey, to ensuring smooth residency renewals.

Our profound insights into Egypt’s legal realm, fortified by our vast experience, give us an edge unparalleled in the industry.

The Legislation

We draw attention to the pivotal Egyptian legislations framing these options, specifically Law No. 9 of 1960, Law No. 230 of 1996, Law No. 14 of 2012, Law No. 72 of 2017, and Law No. 194 of 2020. These acts provide the legal scaffolding around foreign residency and property ownership in Egypt, Sinai Peninsula development, the Investment Law, and the banking system. LexBeacon guarantees guidance in strict alignment with these statutes.

The Role of LexBeacon

Egypt’s Residency by Investment program is now active, unlocking a plethora of prospects for potential investors in the diverse Egyptian domain. As custodians of your trust, we are poised to guide clients through every step of the updated RBI regulations.To widen your horizons on the Egyptian investment landscape, we also extend an invitation to delve into our commentary on Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program. This offers another spectrum of fruitful opportunities, each carrying its specific set of rewards and prerequisites.

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Egypt, the heart of civilisation, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and strategic location, has always been a focal point for global investors and expatriates. Particularly, Egypt’s citizenship by investment program has been at the forefront of the African and Middle Eastern investment migration programs. 

Egypt, a nation celebrated for its ancient pharaohs and sprawling deserts, is steadily evolving as a favorable location for global investors. With the recent influx of foreign capital and an increasing number of individuals seeking Egyptian residency and citizenship, it’s crucial to comprehend the financial landscape. This encompasses the tax implications as well as benefits,

The land of pharaohs and pyramids, Egypt has always captured the global imagination. But beyond its rich history and iconic landmarks, Egypt is emerging as an enticing destination for foreign investors, especially in its real estate sector.
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